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Note Title Rules

As you presumably already know, Notesy makes plain text files out of your notes, using each note’s title as its filename plus .txt as a file extension. Because of that there are certain restrictions on the titles of notes.


There are certain characters that Windows doesn’t like in filenames, and there are certain characters that Dropbox doesn’t like in filenames. There’s a post on the dropbox site about the Windows characters, and the list of Dropbox ones came from Dropbox Support after I opened a ticket with them. Here’s the list

\ / : ; ? * < > |

Windows (beyond what Dropbox doesn’t like):

[ ] = + “ ‘ , * . ? ( ) { } ^ $ ! &

Notesy automatically strips the characters that Dropbox doesn’t like, because if it didn’t your notes wouldn’t be able to sync. By default it also strips characters that Windows doesn’t like, so that you don’t run into trouble syncing your notes to a Windows machine. However, in 1.4+ there’s an option to turn off this “Windows Friendly” option, in Settings/Advanced. If you don’t care about syncing to Windows then you can turn this off and enjoy such exciting things as including periods in your note titles.

Handling Duplicates

Because notes are synced as files the names of those files must be unique. So if you try and create a note with the same title as another note, Notesy automatically appends a dash and a number to the title to keep it unique.

For example if you already have a note called “Groceries” and you try and make another one, the second one will be called “Groceries-1”. If you try and make yet another one, it will be named “Groceries-2”, and so on.