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Notesy and Notational Velocity

Notational Velocity is an excellent, lightweight notes application for OS X, and it works great with Notesy (even better since 2.0 came out 1/28/2011).

To setup Notational Velocity to work with Notesy:

  1. In Notational Velocity, navigate to Preferences > Notes > Storage.
  2. For Store and read notes on disk as: choose Plain Text Files.
  3. In the Finder, drag your Notational Data folder (by default in ~/Library/Application Support/) to ~/Dropbox/notesy folder.

You may also choose to uncheck Confirm note deletion under Preferences > General.
To access the same notes via Notational Velocity from a different computer, follow steps 1 and 2 above then do:

  1. Choose Preferences > Notes > Read notes from folder:
  2. Select the Notational Data folder inside your ~/Dropbox/notesy folder.

Now you can use Notational Velocity on all the computers you perform these steps on, and the notes will stay in sync between them and with Notesy.